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Live updates from day eight of Patriots training camp on 8/5/16

Follow along for updates from Friday’s practice!

The New England Patriots continue their offseason and the team is starting to take shape. The Patriots know who they have on the roster and the coaching staff is figuring out how each player fits into the playbook in various schemes.

While New England appears to be a football factory with replaceable parts, what makes the Patriots so great is their ability to adapt to assets on hand. Instead of forcing a player into a formation, the coaches will find what makes a player great and find ways to highlight their ability.

“When I came here, no one asked me to be anybody else besides myself,” tight end Martellus Bennett said on Wednesday, “and I think that's one of the biggest things- the freedom they give me to be who I am. I think they understand I'm smarter than I look, I just look like this. Overall, they just let me be me and I think that's the biggest thing about making progress and getting to know everybody.”

We will looking to see how these players are becoming the best versions of themselves. Follow along in the comments for updates.

Friday, August 5th

9:15am-11:30am: Morning Practice

10:00am-2:00pm: Patriots Fan Zone