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Live updates from day nine of Patriots training camp on 8/7/16

Follow along for updates from Sunday’s practice!

Yesterday, the New England Patriots had their second off-day of this year’s training camp. Players had a chance to get some rest, given that the team has so far held eight practice sessions since camp started last Thursday.

The rest is much needed given that the list of players to miss practice has grown substantially since last week. One position in particular has been bitten by injury: wide receiver.

On Thursday, six of the 11 wideouts under contract were absent from practice which led to the team a) giving core special teamer Matthew Slater more offensive snaps and b) working out journeyman free agent Cobi Hamilton.

We will see if yesterday’s rest away from the wear and tear of camp will help get some players back onto the practice fields.

Sunday, August 7th

2:30pm-4:45pm: Afternoon Practice. The session was originally scheduled to take place from 9:15am to 11:30am but was re-scheduled on Friday.