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Injury update: Patriots DE Rob Ninkovich tears his triceps

According to Mike Reiss, the veteran has torn his triceps.

The New England Patriots’ first joint practice session against the visiting New Orleans Saints today was marked by sloppy offensive play and two injuries suffered by vital members of the Patriots: wide receiver Julian Edelman and defensive end Rob Ninkovich.

Initial reports have been positive regarding the foot injury Edelman suffered. The severity of Ninkovich’s injury, on the other hand, is not yet known.

He and the Patriots will have to wait until the results of an MRI are in to know the severity of – as we now know – the triceps injury that forced the veteran to leave today’s practice, according to Mike Reiss:

Patriots DE Rob Ninkovich is scheduled to undergo MRI to determine severity of triceps injury that knocked him out of practice.

The 32-year old is projected to return as the starter on New England’s defensive edge this season. If he is forced to miss some time because of the injury, veteran acquisition Chris Long as well as second-year players Trey Flowers and Geneo Grissom have to step up to soften the potential blow.

Hopefully, though, all turns out well for the Patriots and Ninkovich.

[UPDATE]: According to Reiss, the MRI revealed that Ninkovich tore his triceps:

DE Rob Ninkovich tore his triceps. It is unknown how long he will be sidelined. If he returns, how much loss of strength effects him is key.

All the best for your recovery, Rob!