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Rob Gronkowski has a very Gronk approach to nutrition this year

The All-Pro New England Patriots tight end is trying a new approach to conditioning and eating to keep himself in the best shape he can.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Ask any of your Crossfit-bro friends, at the end of the day, sports nutrition is simple – if you burn more calories than you’re eating, you’ll lose weight.  With that in mind, Rob Gronkowski has a new plan to keep himself at his ideal playing weight this year that he says is completely different from what he’s done in the past.

ESPN’s Mike Reiss notes that this is the first year the All-Universe tight end has actually showed up to training camp at his playing weight of 265 pounds.  Apparently, in the past, Gronk would report to camp weighing in over 265 (no word as to how much over), and then basically figure that he was going to lose weight in camp enough to get back down to where he was supposed to be.

Here’s the new plan: come into camp at 265 pounds, and then go HAM on good food to make sure he keeps the weight on.

From ESPN Boston:

" If Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski adds an extra late-night snack to his daily routine this year, we'll know why. For the first time in his seven-year career, Gronkowski arrived for training camp at his playing weight (listed at 265 pounds); his usual approach was to come in heavier knowing that he would shed weight with all the running the team does in camp. "It wasn't anything intentional. It was probably because I was running a lot before coming to camp," Gronkowski told me. "Now it's about maintaining it, so you eat, baby! You eat that extra steak, you eat those extra potatoes, all that extra stuff." Gronkowski, who has been dominant at times through eight practices, added that he plans to take a similar approach in the future because he's pleased with how it has gone so far in training camp."

Mmmmm, more steak and potatoes, now there’s a diet most of us can get on board with.

Hey, it takes a top-notch diet when your day job is rewriting the NFL tight end record book – and constantly being on call in case you need to throw someone out of the club.