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Pulling Bill Belichick’s press conference non-answers out of hat is extremely entertaining

The Patriots head coach loves to talk football, but if you ask him a dumb question you might get one of these standard responses.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was downright cheery in his Monday press conference after defeating the Arizona Cardinals 23-21.

Great point, Bob Socci, Bill said. Well, Phil Perry, you understand our offensive line philosophy. I don’t have an answer for you, Mike Reiss, but that’s a good question.

Throw in a handful of thousand-word responses on special teams and coaching and you have another great Belichick press conferences.

I think that Bill gets an unfair reputation for his gruff responses to the national media because he’s usually open and willing to go deep on multiple topics if he believes in the question. Answering questions that were asked for the sake of a sound bite- How is Jimmy Garoppolo? Is Tom Brady’s job in jeopardy? Can you talk about the defense?- is not Belichick’s idea of a worthy question.

But when you get a hold of those one-word dismissals, sometimes you strike gold. SB Nation radio actually put Belichick’s responses in a hat and held a mock press conference and, well, it turns out Belichick has just a handful of non-responses that he uses all the time.

Listen below: