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Pats Pulpit Podcast Episode 048: After stunning Cardinals, what is Patriots QB Jimmy Garoppolo’s trade value?

What are some other key takeaways from the Patriots surprising victory?

The New England Patriots upset the Arizona Cardinals 23-21 and the dumbest hot takes are already surfacing. I won’t link to them, but some are actively trying to promote the idea there is a quarterback controversy in New England.

Slow yourself, folks. Garoppolo exceeded expectations and was good. He just wasn’t Greatest Quarterback of All Time good. Tom Brady’s job as starter is secure and that’s all you need to know for now.

What is more interesting is what the Patriots could get in return for Garoppolo in a trade. I’m thinking a first rounder just off of this past game. Another good game nets the Patriots an additional 3rd rounder. A third good game turns that into a 2nd. If the Patriots go 4-0, two first rounders are definitely on the table.

Outside of Garoppolo’s performance, there was an exciting football game that took place. Alec and Rich break down every aspect of the game and turn their focus on what has to improve before the Dolphins get to town in week 2.

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