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Pats Pulpit Joining the Best Buddies Challenge

Pats Pulpit is taking on a very worthy cause - and you can help!

Paul Marotta/Getty Images

When Tom Brady isn't busy throwing touchdowns, marrying supermodels, and being the subject of jealous hatred and clickbait tabloidery from the less-talented journalists out there, he's actively involving himself in a number of good causes and charitable acts. You might not hear about them all that much, because "Tom Brady donates time and money to help those in need" doesn't get the pageviews that "Tom Brady cheats" does, but Tommy B does his fair share for a number of fantastic charities and then some.

One cause in particular, Best Buddies, remains especially close to Brady's heart. Best Buddies is a global volunteer movement aimed at developing strong friendships, meaningful employment, and leadership skills for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Brady has been involved with Best Buddies for some time now, and I'm extremely proud to announce that Pats Pulpit is officially getting on board to help the cause. On June 3rd, 2017, I will be representing the Pulpit in the Best Buddies Challenge: Hyannis Port – a bike, run, or walk event supporting Best Buddies programs. Now if you've been following my writing for even a little while, you know that the thought of running, biking, or walking in any capacity is enough to cause me to break out in hives, so that should say something about how much I believe in the cause.

Now in full disclosure, raising money for Best Buddies isn't without its perks; Tommy B himself will be there, as will some other Patriots legends, and there will be a big clam bake afterwards and the chance to maybe meet a few players. However, that's all fairly ancillary at the end of the day, as the amazing stories that come out of the program are worth their weight in gold.

If you'd like to contribute to the cause, click here to visit the Pats Pulpit team page - every little bit helps. Of course, anyone and everyone is welcome to join me for the event, so if you live in/plan to be in the area next June, I would absolutely love to have you aboard; just click on the "Join Team" button on that page, and we can all get to work. It would be a blast for Pats Pulpit to field a large team for the run/bike, and I can promise you no shortage of yucks as you watch me huff, puff, sputter, and cough my way across the finish line.

I know it's early, but the sooner we can start helping, the more we'll be able to give back. Tom Brady, and the Patriots, have given us all so much over the years; the least we can do is aid a very. very worthy cause.

I'll be doing periodic updates as the months go on, and hopefully I'll be able to provide some incentives for folks to donate, including but not limited to a Special Edition Alec Shane signed picture, a Fan Notes shoutout, and dinner and drinks on me for anyone either living in the NYC area or who is willing to foot the bill for airfare and lodging to NYC. But it's what we're donating to that's the real motivation, so give early and give often.

A million thank yous in advance for donating, sharing, and supporting, and as always, Go Patriots.