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Tom Brady Has Never Eaten a Strawberry?

Yet another Tom Brady quirky food habit has come to light.

Jack Taylor/Getty Images

At this point, we all know that Tom Brady is a little...shall we say, particular...when it comes to his dietary habits. Between the avocado ice cream, the personal chef...

But strawberries?

In a recent interview with NYMag, Tommy B revealed that he has never once in his life eaten a strawberry, and he has no desire to. He has also never had a sip of coffee, which I'm sure has all kinds of people wondering how he can possibly survive as a human being.

If Brady had said that he stopped drinking coffee or that he doesn't like it, I wouldn't have batted an eye; I'm not a huge coffee guy myself, and whether or not it's good for you is something of a mixed bag. But to never have even tried it? How is that even possible? As someone who grew up in New England, let me tell you all something: cool kids in high school hung out at Dunkin Donuts and drank iced coffee. Believe me, I know - I used to bike past D&D all the time on my way home to sit alone and play video games, and all the cool kids were there. Maybe it was different on the West Coast or something, but I'm blown away by Brady having never once had coffee.

And strawberries? How do you not eat a strawberry by accident? And what about strawberry-flavored things like candy and ice cream? Has he ever had any of that? So many questions - and things to bring up when he and I become best friends next June.

Well whatever he is doing, it's working. He's pushing 40 and shows absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Who knows, this extra four weeks of rest may end up paying off down the road. I'm just glad that there are publications like NYMag out there that don't pull any punches and ask the hard-hitting, no nonsense questions we all want answers to.