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Week 2 afternoon games Patriots rooting guide and open discussion

Which teams will the Patriots want to win this afternoon?

Use this as the open thread to discuss the afternoon games from week 2 of the NFL season.

4:05 PM EST

Buccaneers at Cardinals (-7): The Cardinals didn’t look great against the Patriots, so I think they’ll have a rebound game. That said, I think the Cardinals win, but I think the Buccaneers cover. Patriots will want the Cardinals to win for strength of schedule.

Seahawks (-6.5) at Rams: The Seahawks have a hobbled quarterback and the Rams always give them trouble. Then again, the Rams are the Rams. Seahawk will win and cover. The Patriots will play both teams later this year.

4:25 PM EST

Jaguars at Chargers (-3): The Chargers lost their best receiver and they’re favored? I think the Jaguars win this one walking away. The Patriots don’t really care which team wins because they’re likely competing for 3rd place in their respective divisions.

Falcons at Raiders (-5): The Falcons looked bad last week, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Raiders won this one. Patriots would probably rather the Raiders win, too, to take the crown from the Broncos.

Colts at Broncos (-7): The Patriots will want the Colts to win to topple the Broncos. I actually think it’s possible since the Broncos don’t have a great enough offense to take advantage of the Colts terrible defense. Colts will cover and I think they sneak out the win, too.