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Watch: Patriots release behind the scenes footage from 23-21 victory over the Cardinals

Sights and Sounds from the Game is always a treat from the Patriots.

The New England Patriots release behind the scenes audio and video of the game after every win and they have just posted the tape from the Patriots 23-21 victory over the Cardinals.

Click here to go to to watch the Sights and Sounds of the Game.

The video is almost 4 minutes long and it’s excellent, as always. You can watch S Devin McCourty’s pregame huddle, QB Jimmy Garoppolo’s ability to talk to everyone on the team, and owner Robert Kraft’s interaction with former Patriots pass rusher Chandler Jones.

For me, I’d like to highlight the two audio bits from offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia.

“That’s the way to go get the linebacker, right there,” Scarnecchia said after RB LeGarrette Blount’s 8-yard touchdown run.

It’s a simple phrase, and I won’t admit to knowing how former offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo operated on the sideline, but there were reports that the Patriots missed Scar’s “precise instructions” over the past two seasons.

I’m sure Scar told the linemen that they needed to get to the second level to block a linebacker and spring Blount on a run, and this is Scar positively acknowledging that they did their job.

Scar’s energy level also felt less like Guge’s rah-rah and more like if you do what I tell you, you’ll be okay.

“We said all week long, that this game was going to come down to the fourth quarter, which it is, okay?,” Scarnecchia said, presumably late in the game. “Now we have to play our very best football.”

Again, I don’t know how different Guge and Scar are on the sidelines, and maybe it’s just a difference in tone of voice, but Scarnecchia presented the situation as if it were just another day at practice and that the players were capable of rising to the occasion.

They were.

Scar is getting these players to buy into his system, again, and I think they’ll keep getting better.

Click here to go to to watch the Sights and Sounds of the Game.