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Injury update: Patriots think there’s a chance Jimmy Garoppolo “can tolerate pain and start”

The Patriots might welcome back their quarterback as early as this week.

The New England Patriots believe that QB Jimmy Garoppolo might be able to manage the pain in his throwing shoulder so he can start this Thursday night against the Houston Texans.

I have no idea what to believe about this story anymore. Originally we thought he’d be out for the half the season, and then it was six weeks, and then it was two weeks, and then it was maybe he can play back-up, and now it’s well, maybe he can start?

We’re having a Monty Python sort of week right now, so this is the scene that immediately comes to mind:

Hopefully Jimmy can be healthy and ready to play.

“I feel fiiiiine. I think I’ll go for a walk. I feeeeeel happyyyyy.”