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Colts swipe a wide receiver from the Patriots practice squad

The Colts are hoping that the Patriots’ success can rub off on their franchise.

The Indianapolis Colts are sitting at a disappointing 0-2 and they’re concerned about their depth at wide receiver since Donte Moncrief has issues with his shoulder. Naturally, the Colts have looked to the Patriots for help.

Devin Street, the former Cowboys 5th round pick, has been on the Patriots practice squad. By rule of poaching a player from another practice squad, the Colts must pay Street for three weeks of service.

The Colts signed former Patriots wide receivers Josh Boyce and Brian Tyms in April, but neither player managed to stick around. Perhaps Street will pan out better- but it seems like the Colts front office is just out of ideas and just copying the Patriots.

The Patriots now have an empty spot on their practice squad. They still have two more wide receivers on the practice squad in Devin Lucien and DeAndrew White. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Patriots signed an offensive tackle, like the recently released Clay DeBord.