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Patriots have actually prepared WR Julian Edelman to be the back-up quarterback

It’s actually happening! This is incredible!

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is turning over every stone to get ready for Thursday night against the Houston Texans.

QB Jimmy Garoppolo might start. He might be back-up. He might be inactive. It could be rookie QB Jacoby Brissett’s show. No one knows and it will probably be a game time decision.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, WR Julian Edelman is a name to watch.

There have always been rumors that Edelman is the team’s emergency #4 quarterback and this is kind of the answer everyone has been looking for.

Other candidates included jack-of-all-trades and multi-sport star WR Chris Hogan and former QB-turned TE AJ Derby, who were seen serving as scout team quarterbacks.

But Edelman makes sense. He was a starting quarterback in college and while he hasn’t played in a while, he probably knows enough of the Patriots offense where he’d be of more help than a random veteran signed off the street.

The flip side is that playing Edelman at quarterback removes the team’s top wide receiver from the field, so there’s a clear drawback.

This story is worth monitoring until game time because, let’s be serious, even if it has no impact on the game itself, it is a lot of fun to speculate possible options.