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How long Patriots QB Jimmy Garoppolo will be out with a grade 2 AC joint sprain

The quarterback could be out for some time with this injury.

New England Patriots QB Jimmy Garoppolo suffered a grade 2 AC joint sprain after a hit from Dolphins LB Kiko Alonso, according to CSNNE’s Tom Curran.

“The Patriots were hopeful Garoppolo might be able to be on the field in some capacity against Houston,” Curran writes, “but the ‘doubtful’ listing that came down Wednesday afternoon is an indication the injury was too severe and the turnaround too tight.”

A grade 1 AC joint sprain is less severe as the AC joint is just strained, and is more about pain tolerance. A grade 2 AC joint sprain features a partial dislocation and the AC joint is torn. This tear should be able to heal on its own with time, but this is why rest for Garoppolo is crucial.

A grade 3 AC joint sprain is severe and would require surgery, so Garoppolo is in the clear. There are three more grades and I can only image grade 6 involves your arm completely falling off.

Curran notes that Edelman will be the back-up quarterback, but hopefully Garoppolo will be able to return to the field in 2-4 weeks, with the injury fully healing in 4-6 weeks, in line with the original reports.

Week 4 against the Bills would represent exactly two weeks after the injury, so there is hope that Garoppolo will be ready for that game.