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Behind the scenes footage of Patriots locker room celebration after beating the Texans 27-0

“How do we feel about starting out 3-0 when they said we couldn’t?” - Matthew Slater

The New England Patriots have posted the locker room footage after their 27-0 victory over the Houston Texans. It shows third string rookie QB Jacoby Brissett (and his apparently injured hand) walking around the locker room, it shows head coach Bill Belichick’s postgame breakdown, and special teams captain Matthew Slater’s post-victory huddle.

It also includes a major, heartwarming hug between Brissett and Belichick and it’s beautiful.

“I’m very proud of you,” owner Robert Kraft said to Brissett after the game. “You stayed cool.”

Belichick took the center stage to summarize the game and hand out the game ball.

“Congrats men, I’ll tell you what,” Belichick said. “That’s everything we wanted to do, you did it, 60 minutes, just showed a lot of mental toughness, a lot of discipline to just keep doing it over and over again. We talked about that running game breaking open in the fourth quarter- that’s a hell of a run LG- that’s a great job. Defense, can’t do any better than that, no points. Made plays in the kicking game. Alright? Got another one. Where is he?”

Belichick handed the ball over to Brissett and engaged in that monster hug. Belichick then broke away to ask the room, “Where’s Jerry?,” about assistant quarterbacks coach Jerry Schuplinski, before finding him and saying, “Great job, great job.”

Brissett didn’t give a speech, but Slater broke down the postgame huddle and revealed how the team has internalized the nobody believes in us mentality.

“That’s a great job,” Slater said. “A lot of names I could call out, but we’ll just say, D, great job. Let’s keep climbing fellas. But how do we feel about starting out 3-0 when they said we couldn’t start out 3-0?”


Watch the video here.