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Week 3 afternoon games Patriots rooting guide, live updates, and open discussion

Join in the discussion!

Use this as the open thread for discussion of week 3’s afternoon games!

4:05 PM EST

Rams at Buccaneers (-6): This should be a really ugly game, but the Rams offense is still inept and I would expect the Buccaneers to win, but not cover. The Patriots want the Rams to win since it will boost the Patriots strength of schedule.

49ers at Seahawks (-9): The Seahawks need a strong outing and the 49ers should be a good way to do that. I expect the Seahawks to win and to cover. The Patriots are playing both teams down the road, so perhaps a good outing by the 49ers will reveal more flaws in the Seahawks roster.

4:25 PM EST

Chargers at Colts (-3): The Colts are just a bad team, right? I’m picking the Chargers to win straight up, and the Patriots will be rooting for them to upset the order in the AFC West.

Steelers (-4) at Eagles: The Steelers are facing a rookie quarterback. Do you believe in Carson Wentz? Not enough. Steelers win and cover. Patriots will be rooting for the Eagles.

Jets at Chiefs (-3): It seems like the Jets whole offense is on the injury report, while the Chiefs are trying to keep pace in the AFC West. Patriots will be rooting for the Chiefs for every reason in the book. I think the Jets win and cover.