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If Patriots don’t sign a quarterback on Monday, Jimmy Garoppolo or Jacoby Brissett should start week 4

ESPN’s Adam Schefter has a report on the state of the Patriots quarterbacks.

The New England Patriots are unsure who will start at quarterback in week 4, before QB Tom Brady returns from suspension, but ESPN’s Adam Schefter has an idea from team sources. If you want to read the full 247-word report, you can click here. It doesn’t have to be that long.

On QB Jimmy Garoppolo:

“The Patriots want to see how Jimmy Garappolo is faring with his sprained AC joint,” Schefter reports, “but they felt he ‘definitely is making progress’ over the weekend.”

On QB Jacoby Brissett:

“They also want to see how Jacoby Brissett responds to his thumb injury,” Schefter adds, “but because he injured it in the third quarter and was able to play the rest of the game, the Patriots think there's a realistic chance Brissett will be available next Sunday as well.”

The team believes that at least one of their quarterbacks will be available, with a chance that both could play.

“If the Patriots don't make a move at quarterback by Monday, they will be expecting at least one of their quarterbacks to be ready for the Bills,” Schefter says in closing, noting that QB T.J. Yates would be “an ideal candidate.”

That’s 200 words.