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Rapoport: Patriots have made no plans to sign a quarterback; good sign for Garoppolo and Brissett

New England apparently feels comfortable with its quarterback situation heading into week 4.

The New England Patriots have only one more game left before future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady returns from his suspension to resume his role as the team’s starting quarterback. Only one more game they need to have someone else take snaps.

The question, though: who?

Number two quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo Thursday’s 27-0 win over the Houston Texans because of a shoulder injury, while number three quarterback Jacoby Brissett injured his thumb. The injury situation at the most important position has naturally raised the question whether or not Garoppolo and/or Brissett will be ready for the upcoming game against the Buffalo Bills. And, if not, how the team will address the situation.

Thanks to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, we have gotten at least some clarification today:

#Patriots have not made plans to bring in their FA QB of choice, TJ Yates, a sign they are confident in the health of Garoppolo & Brissett

As Rapoport noted, this is an encouraging sign for the Patriots’ quarterbacks heading into the last week of Brady’s absence. While it remains to be seen how their respective injuries influence their practice and game day availability, at least one of Garoppolo and Brissett seems to be on his way to being ready to play on Sunday.

Or that the Patriots plan to finally unveil Julian Edelman as their starter...