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WATCH: Bill Belichick mic’d up against the Texans for Inside the NFL

Hear all the chatter from the Patriots head coach during Thursday Night Football.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was mic’d up on Thursday Night against the Houston Texans for a Showtime: Inside the NFL segment. It’s worth watching.

The video opens with Belichick greeting former Patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel.

“You trying to figure out who is going to play [quarterback]?” Belichick asks Crennel. “So are we. You might need a program for some of those numbers.”

Belichick then checks in with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, noting that rookie quarterback Jacoby Brissett looked a little “wild” during warm-ups. McDaniels reassures Bill that Brissett would be ready to go.

On a kickoff, special teams coordinator Joe Judge asks Belichick if he wants the Patriots to kick a touchback, but Bill confidently declares, “No, make them run it.”

After Brissett’s touchdown run, the rookie gives the football to Belichick and simply says, “ball security.”

It’s artwork when Belichick is in motion. Check out the video above.