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Patriots QB Tom Brady removed the NFL logo from his helmet this preseason

Show ‘em, Tom!

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is arguably the face of the NFL. However, that did not stop the NFL – specifically its front office led by commissioner Roger Goodell – to suspend him for the first four weeks of the season; especially considering that the charges against him were more than just dubious.

New England’s quarterback has openly fought Goodell’s decision in court. Now, after the courts affirmed the decision and granted the NFL commissioner near-absolute powers, the future Hall of Fame quarterback apparently continues his fight on a more subversive level – at least according to Pro Football Talk:

In each of the final two preseason games of 2016, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady played in a helmet that did not have the NFL shield in the left rear portion of the helmet.

There are no rules against removing the so-called shield from the helmet, so Brady or the Patriots should not face any discipline. Then again, the NFL did not care about the air pressure levels inside footballs until January 2015 (and obviously have not cared about them since)...

[EDIT] While ProFootballTalk did report the story, they were not the first to notice the logo missing. That honor goes to eagle-eyed Eric Penza (@Pennzoil90):