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WATCH: Rich Hill reviews Patriots roster cuts and evaluates wide receiver depth chart

The Patriots have 53 players on the active roster. It will likely change.

The move obvious question mark with the Patriots roster is the “depth chart” at wide receiver. It’s so shallow, I’m just going to call it “chart.”

Julian Edelman is coming off a broken foot and has been rusty. Danny Amendola has yet to practice and is coming off a knee injury. Malcolm Mitchell is coming back from a dislocated elbow. Chris Hogan is doing peachy, though.

These are your Patriots wide receivers. Three guys coming off injuries, and another one in his first year with the team.

Why would head coach Bill Belichick cut Keshawn Martin or Aaron Dobson when this group is so questionable? There has to be a trade, or a trick, up his sleeve.

The rest of the roster looks great and there’s a clear roster move waiting to happen on the offensive line- one that will probably happen if and when the Patriots acquire another wide receiver.

Watch the breakdown below to hear my analysis.