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Week 17 NFL afternoon games live updates and Patriots rooting guide

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There are six afternoon games in the NFL and they’re all pretty interesting match-ups. Here is the Patriots rooting guide.

4:25 PM EST

Chiefs (-4.5) at Chargers:

Raiders at Broncos (-1): The Patriots rooting guide for the AFC West depends on the Dolphins game. If the Patriots beat the Dolphins, then the Patriots will root for the Raiders to win and claim homefield advantage, sending the Chiefs into the wild card round. If the Patriots lose to the Dolphins, then the Patriots will root for the Chiefs to win and the Raiders to lose so the Patriots get homefield advantage.

Saints at Falcons (-7.5): The Falcons are currently a half game over the Seahawks, who have a very easy game on the table (more on that). The Patriots would rather the Falcons and their bad defense get a first round bye than the Seahawks. New England will be pulling for Atlanta.

Seahawks (-10) at 49ers: The Seahawks have an easy game here. The Patriots would want the 49ers to pull off the upset, but that’s not going to happen.

Giants at Washington (-7): This game doesn’t affect the Giants, who are locked in the #5 seed. Washington needs to win to have any chance at the playoffs. The Patriots will root for Washington to beat the Giants.

Cardinals (-7) at Rams: This game doesn’t affect anything. The Patriots will root for the Rams to send the Cardinals to 6-9-1 for the sake of AFC East draft positioning.

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