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Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski sends amazing video support to teen fighting brain cancer

The Patriots All Pro tight end is also engaged in the community.

New England Patriots captain and tight end Rob Gronkowski is best known for touchdown spikes on the football field, but he always receives praise from those on the team for his engagement in the community. No player is more active with charity work and the Patriots love his willingness and ability to show his support to those in need.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Gronkowski reached out to 13-year-old Hunter Pietrowski, who is battle brain cancer and is about to face his last round of chemotherapy.

“What’s up, Hunter? It’s your buddy Rob Gronkowski here,” Gronkowski says in what appears to be a basement gym. “Just hearing about your story Hunter, so I just want to say congratulations on your last chemo session coming up on Thursday.”

A self-proclaimed huge Gronkowski and Patriots fan, Hunter was “speechless” after receiving the message via e-mail and his parents were stunned- they claimed to have watching the video “about 50 times.”

“We’re both going through a little setback right now,” Gronkowski says in the message while flexing, “and we’re both going to come back with major comebacks, Hunter. So let’s do it, stay strong, and let’s fight through this. Let’s go!”

When asked if he had a message to send back to Gronkowski, Hunter simply says, “I love you.”