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How Patriots QB Tom Brady is mentally preparing to take on the Houston Texans

The Patriots quarterback is focused for Saturday’s game.

The New England Patriots could easily overlook the Houston Texans on Saturday. The Texans are huge underdogs for a reason. The Patriots are more talented than the Texans; the Patriots used a third string rookie quarterback to beat the Texans 27-0 in week 3; the Patriots are much better now than they were in week 3.

QB Tom Brady scoffs at that mentality. The Texans are not an easy opponent- heck, they already won a playoff game- and Brady wants to be ready.

“I view it as the biggest game that we’ve played all season against the best defense that we’ve played all season,” Brady said. “I don’t see any letdown from us. That’s ridiculous to think that. I’m preparing like this is the hardest game we’ve faced all season, which it will be, and it means the most.”

Brady has plenty of playoff experience against good and bad teams and he knows that he will still have to play at a high level in order to move to the next round. Brady lit up the overmatched 2011 Broncos squad with six touchdown passes en route to a 45-10 victory. He completed 93% of his passes against the 2007 Jaguars.

“There’s only one priority for all of us this week, and that’s to be at our best mentally, physically, emotionally for three hours on Saturday night starting at 8:00 p.m.,” Brady added. “All of my attention is focused on those three hours and getting prepared for that moment so that we can go out and play with anticipation and confidence against the best defense we’ve played all season. There’s nothing easy about it.”

The Texans are going to bring their best on Saturday. Brady will be ready.