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2017 NFL Playoffs: #2 Falcons vs #3 Seahawks live updates and Patriots rooting guide

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The #2 Atlanta Falcons are hosting the #3 Seattle Seahawks in the NFL Divisional Round. Kick off is at 4:35 PM EST on FOX. The Falcons are 5-point favorites, despite losing to the Seahawks 26-24 back in week 6.

The Patriots have an interesting decision to make with their cheering support. Do they want the Falcons and former Patriots exec Thomas Dimitroff to have postseason success, or do they want the 8th highest scoring offense in NFL history to be eliminated from the playoffs? Do they want the Seahawks, one of two teams to beat the Patriots this year, to lose, or are they weak enough to no longer be a threat?

With FS Earl Thomas sidelined, the Patriots would probably want to see the Seahawks move forward. For the same reason to support elimination of the New York Giants and their top defense, it would be helpful to see the Falcons and their top offense kicked out of the postseason.

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