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Celtics star Isaiah Thomas is wearing a signed Brady jersey to the game tonight

Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas says he'll be at tonight's Patriots-Texans game wearing a Tom Brady jersey just like the rest of us...with one minor difference.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Isaiah Thomas sure knows how to do a weekend right.  After dropping 28 points on the Atlanta Hawks and icing the game with a jumper over Kent Bazemore that put the final score at 103-101 (while maaaaaaaybe ignoring Brad Stevens trying to call a timeout), he's heading back up north today to catch today's AFC Divisional round game between the Patriots and the Houston Texans at Gillette.

According to NESN, though, IT's game-day attire will be balling on a level that few can match.

Tom Brady sent Isaiah a signed jersey not too long ago, and added a personal note that simply read "Isaiah, keep ballin" - and Thomas plans on rocking the jersey at the game tonight.

From NESN:

"The Celtics star plans to be in attendance Saturday night for New England's AFC Divisional-round matchup against the Houston Texans, and he'll wear Brady's jersey to the game before hanging it up in his home."

You know, basically the same as when you or I would show up to a PawSox game as a kid with an autographed baseball glove.

Of course, leave it to Brady to respond to Isaiah's "Thanks, bro" text by signing off with the need for a win:

"When I got the jersey, I texted him that I appreciated it and he said 'Any time. Keep playing great and keep being you," Thomas said, via The Globe. 'I just text him after most of his games because they're all great games.  And this week I hit him and said I'd be at the game and he was like "We need this one.'"

"I'm going to support my guy Tom."

One quick word of advice, IT4 - maybe throw a thermal on under that jersey, cause it's supposed to be below freezing tonight by game time.

(P.S. - See, you can get through a whole article about Isaiah without referencing his height.  It's not difficult.)