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Former Browns and Eagles LB who was traded for Dion Lewis gives hilarious take on Lewis’ 3 TD game against the Texans

In the 2013 offseason, the Eagles traded Dion Lewis to the Browns for Emmanuel Acho. The former Eagle LB tweeted out one of the best hot takes after watching Lewis score 3 TDs in 3 different ways against the Houston Texans.

Dion Lewis became the first NFL player to score a receiving, return, and rushing TD in postseason play against the Houston Texans on Saturday. Lewis was originally drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2012 and was traded to the Cleveland Browns before the 2013 season for LB Emmanuel Acho. Watching the Patriots and Lewis score on the Texans, the former Eagle and Brown LB made this tweet:

The Eagles GM at the time was Howie Roseman, who is still the top decision maker for the Eagles to this day. The Eagles head coach was Chip Kelly, who has been fired from two head coaching jobs the last two seasons. Roseman did work a trade out with the Patriots this year, involving CB Eric Rowe for a conditional 2018 4th that looks to be a 3rd given how well Rowe has played down the stretch this year. The Eagles have gone 34-30 in the last four seasons while the Patriots with Dion Lewis active have gone 15-0 in the past two seasons. Acho played another three seasons in the NFL, but his career was over as Lewis’ was just beginning last season.

The GM on the other side of the deal added some more humor to the story:

Banner worked in Cleveland along with Mike Lombardi in the 2013 season, where the Browns finished 4-12 before both executives were fired. Lewis didn’t play the 2013 season due to breaking his leg in preseason, although Lombardi saw enough from Lewis to recommend the Patriots sign him for training camp in 2015. For Dion Lewis and the Patriots, the rest is history.