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Patriots LB Dont’a Hightower wants to know what the Browns will pay LB Jamie Collins

The Patriots might have to pony up some serious cash.

The Cleveland Browns are expected to reach terms on a multi-year extension with former New England Patriots LB Jamie Collins in the coming days, according to CBS’ Jason La Canfora.

The Patriots shipped Collins to the Browns prior to the trade deadline in exchange for a 2017 3rd round compensatory draft pick. Collins was one year removed from being a Second Team All Pro. The Browns will have to offer a pretty substantial financial package to retain such potential in a hapless organization.

And the Patriots also have to imagine that LB Dont’a Hightower will be watching the contract negotiations between Collins and the Browns and he will be very curious about the final result.

Hightower was named Second Team All Pro this year and reached his first Pro Bowl. He’s a defensive team captain and he does everything that the coaching staff asks of him. The Patriots have never had a problem paying top dollar to a player that checks all of the boxes, and Hightower certainly qualifies.

The Patriots and Hightower will likely see how much Collins is earning on an average annual basis to help construct an extension. Don’t be surprised if Hightower earns less per year, but receives more guaranteed money. The Patriots will also want to have an injury clause in Hightower’s contract because the linebacker has missed 11 games over the past three seasons.

All sides will be watching as details of Collins’ extension are announced.