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Seahawks might lose 2nd round pick for breaking same rule as Colts...who were not penalized

The league office once against shows its double standards.

The Seattle Seahawks are in hot water after failing to report CB Richard Sherman’s season-long knee injury on the injury report, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Sherman had apparently been battling an injured MCL all year, but was not listed on the Seahawks weekly injury report. According to the NFL operations guide, “the [injury] reporting process is of paramount importance in maintaining the integrity of the game.”

If the Seahawks failure-to-report sounds familiar, it’s because the Indianapolis Colts violated the same exact rule in 2015. QB Andrew Luck played with broken ribs for five weeks without the team reporting the injury on the report, but the league investigation determined that, hey, integrity of the game rules don’t apply to the Colts (or that breaking a rule for five weeks is just peachy).

And, sure, the Seahawks have a long history of rulebreaking and have been fined in two of the past three years for violating Offseason Training Activity rules to gain a “competitive advantage” (according to the league statement) and that likely played a part in generating whatever penalty is levied on Seattle this offseason.

But we’ve now seen the Colts get busted and not fined for the same penalty that the Seahawks are going to get hammered for; we’ve watched the Chiefs lose two draft picks for tampering, while the Jets walked away scot-free after tampering with then-Patriots CB Darrelle Revis; and we’ve also seen the Steelers reported for using deflated footballs, only for the league to sweep it under the rug.

Nothing hurts the “integrity of the game” more than watching the league issue heavy penalties against one franchise, while turning a blind eye to another.