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Joe Thomas wants to see the Patriots win the Super Bowl so Roger Goodell has to give the Lombardi Trophy to Tom Brady

Given the choice of which team to root for, Browns LT Joe Thomas would love to see NFL commissioner give the trophy to Tom Brady.

Browns left tackle Joe Thomas has been a pillar for Cleveland football since the team drafted him 4th overall in the 2007 draft. Thomas has not missed a snap in his career thanks to fortunate injury timing. His former teammate, Alex Mack, is the starting center for the Atlanta Falcons. With the Patriots punching in their ticket to Super Bowl LI in Houston, Mike Florio on his Pro Football Talk twitter account sniped NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s fear of showing up at Gillette Stadium. That tweeted was quote retweeted by Joe Thomas in support of Tom Brady.

Patriots fans were quick to notice the commissioner’s absence, taunting him as the Patriots were putting away the Steelers in the 3rd quarter. Radio color man Scott Zolak appeared on the Patriots jumbotron with a Where is Roger sign during a commercial break.

Joe Thomas was an avid supporter for Brady during the Defarcegate saga, showing disappointment when Brady gave up the good fight when no realistic options were available. For him, the Super Bowl will be somewhat a happy ending for him as it will either end with Roger Goodell being forced to give Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, or Tom Brady the Lombardi Trophy or his teammate Alex Mack gets a Super Bowl. I’ve always thought of Joe Thomas as the ultimate pro’s pro, a selfless guy who does everything in his power to help his team win every Sunday despite playing for the worst-run franchise in the NFL. Hopefully the Browns figure out to win football games before Thomas retires because for a guy who will likely be enshrined in Canton, I don’t want to see a dysfunctional franchise waste a great player’s career.