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Patriots president Jonathan Kraft makes fun of former Colts GM and DeflateGate instigator Ryan Grigson

The Patriots have no love lost for the Colts franchise.

The Indianapolis Colts fired general manager Ryan Grigson and everyone is celebrating- from Colts players to the president of the New England Patriots. Grigson has not been a popular person in New England after he kicked off the entire DeflateGate saga, so it shouldn’t be a surprise when Jonathan Kraft made a little quip at Grigson’s expense.

“On Kraft's weekly pregame interview on 98.5 The Sports Hub on Sunday,” ESPN’s Mike Reiss writes, “Kraft initially deflected a question about the Colts' firing of Grigson, before referring to the AFC Championship Game against Indianapolis that started Deflategate. Said Kraft: ‘That game might have been Ryan's pinnacle, I don't know.’”

Grigson has been forced to watch the Patriots win three Super Bowls at his expense- he was a national scout for the Rams in 2001; a region scout for the Eagles in 2004; and his team lost to the Patriots in 2014 en route to New England’s Super Bowl XLIX victory, and reaching a conference championship as the general manager of the Colts might actually be the highlight of Grigson’s career.

This isn’t the first time that Kraft has laughed at Grigson. When asked about building a team with expensive players at the same position, Kraft replied, “You’re asking me a Ryan Grigson question there,” in reference to Grigson’s complaint about building a quality defense while having to pay Andrew Luck a large salary.

Wherever Grigson ends up, it goes without saying that he won’t get a job in New England.