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Super Bowl LI Patriots t-shirt: Houston Bound, Birds Down!

Support the Patriots today!

The New England Patriots are ready to take on the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI in Houston, Texas, so Patriots fans must be ready to show their support.

We’ve already covered what the Patriots players are going to be wearing on Sunday and how they’ve fared in white or blue jerseys of the past. Teams actually care about what they wear as the Denver Broncos opted to wear their road-whites in Super Bowl 50 instead of their home colors.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick famously wears his outfit based upon his previous success in the hoodie, or turtleneck, or short-sleeve shirt. Everyone has their own superstitions, whether it’s sitting in a certain place for a game, or asking Alec to leave the room because the other team always scores when Alec is around. You can all blame Alec.

I was wearing a regular Patriots t-shirt when they lost in 2011; I haven’t worn it again. I do have my shirt from when the Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX packed and ready to go. What are your Super Bowl superstitions?

We’ve got a few t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and sweatshirts hot off the press in both Patriots red and blue colors if you want to start a new tradition, and these are sure to please the Patriots fan in your life.

Click here to buy the t-shirt or long sleeve shirt!

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Order them Rush Guaranteed by Sunday night and they will be on your doorstep in time for the big game!