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WATCH: Patriots focusing on playoffs, when “the real fun begins.”

The New England Patriots were thrilled to finish the regular season 14-2, with QB Tom Brady thanking and hugging all of his offensive linemen, but head coach Bill Belichick had a message for the playoffs in this week’s locker room celebration.

“Alright men, congratulations, 14-2, that’s a lot of wins,” Belichick said. “You earned them. Alright. But we’re all back to 0-0 now, so we start a whole new season. We’ve just got to keep trying. We’re on the right track, we’ve got to keep grinding it out. So just handle this one like we’ve handled them all year. Just keep working, keep grinding, get better. Be ready to play our best football next Saturday night.”

Belichick wants his players to enjoy the success, but he also wants them to realize that the team has a long way to go before they can accomplish their ultimate goal of winning the Super Bowl. The players understand that January is when football matters the most.

“Fellas, let’s go back, get ourselves healthy next week,” special teams captain Matthew Slater said in his post-game huddle, “and the real fun begins.”