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Patriots and Chiefs approaching bye week practices with opposite strategies

The Patriots will operate business as usual this week.

The New England Patriots are going to practice on Wednesday and Thursday, with a Friday session at a time to be determined. The coaching staff is going to use this week for self-scouting and to work out all the small issues that might have been building up since the regular season bye in week 9.

But while the Patriots are going to keep their nose to the grindstone this week, the other AFC team with the bye week is taking the complete opposite approach. Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is giving his team the week off after a short review took place on Monday. The Chiefs next practice will be next Monday following the wild card games.

The Patriots and Chiefs are taking two very different approaches, but Bill Belichick and Andy Reid are two of the most successful head coaches over the past 20 seasons. Reid’s teams are notoriously successful after the bye week and have gone 19-2 over the years. For comparison, Belichick’s teams are 21-6 after a bye week.

While the Patriots are likely to face a team with a terrible quarterback situation, the odds point towards the Chiefs hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers in the divisional round, a team that scorched the Chiefs 43-13 in week 4 of the regular season. Time will tell if either bye week strategy pays off for the two best teams in the AFC.