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German Patriots Announcers are the Best

Check out a top play from Sunday's game against the Dolphins, called by German announcers.

Eric Espada/Getty Images

In case any of you were trying to figure out ways to make amazing Patriots plays even better, boy do I have an answer for you.

Simply listen to them as called by German announcers.

As the NFL continues its quest for global expansion, it is becoming easier and easier to find football games called in other languages.English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese...and in this case, German.

I don't know who these two guys are, but after listening to them call Julian Edelman's 77 yard catch and run, I can safely say they get to call Patriots games whenever they feel like it. That kind of passion, enthusiasm, and appreciation for a great play and big hit simply don't come around every day.

The really sad thing is, I don't speak a single word of German, and yet that commentary made infinitely more sense than anything Dan Fouts has ever said or will ever say.