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WATCH: Patriots coaches star in team’s final regular season Mic’d Up vs Dolphins

The coaches had a lot to say!

You’ve seen the New England Patriots locker room celebration after their week 17 victory over the Miami Dolphins, and now you can see the players and coaches mic’d up on the sideline during the game.

The video starts with clips of the terrible turf and DE Chris Long telling the trench players to dominate the game from the start. The majority of the video is dedicated to the coaches giving pep talks to the players.

OL coach Dante Scarnecchia talks to his players.

Offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels give their usual offerings to the players; Scarnecchia preaches calmness and consistency to his line, while McDaniels congratulates the offensive players after their scores and tells WR Julian Edelman to work on “the little things.”

Defensive coordinator Matt Patricia gives an excellent talk on the sideline to refocus the unit after giving up two straight big drives around the half, and tells FS Devin McCourty that he made “a big time play” on the forced fumble to end a strong Dolphins drive in the red zone.

I was particularly interested in how defensive line coach Brendan Daly sounded like former offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo in voice, but spoke like Scarnecchia in content. He definitely commands the room and after his terrific work with the line this year, I wonder if he might be an option to move to linebacker coach if Brian Flores is promoted to defensive coordinator.

Watch the video here.