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Patriots QB Tom Brady is selling magic pajamas and I need a pair

What the heck is the Patriots quarterback selling these days?

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady has some time off for the bye week and is taking the time to sell magic pajamas.

I’m not entirely joking.

Under Armour, one of Brady’s biggest sponsors, is marketing pajamas that “rebuild your body while you rest.” The product is supposed to heal your body while you sleep and give you an edge over the competition.

“To be able to rebuild my body with a good night of sleep is so important to continuing to play football at a very high level,” Brady says in the video. “It’s very functional wear. The technology behind it emits far infrared, the far infrared when it’s against your skin ends up reducing inflammation.”

Unlike some of Brady’s other sponsored products, this type of healing is supported with scientific research- to which people who have been in a sauna can attest. In layman’s terms, the heat generated is supposed to help with your blood circulation, quickening the healing process. The idea is with the clothing is that your body emits heat, the shirt captures the heat, and then sends it right back to your body.

Those that sleep under blankets meant to retain far infrared waves report “an improved quality of sleep.” Some scientists point out that there probably isn’t a difference in wearing these fabrics and a foil suit, but these pajamas look more comfortable and I’m all for that.

There are still tests trying to figure out if these clothing brands are hocus pocus, but there have been other healing products marketed with this style of technology for centuries.

Tom, feel free to send me a pair and I’ll let you know if they work.

Edit: There is an accompanying children’s book and it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever read. Here’s a page excerpt: