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WATCH: Dolphins frustration with Patriots QB Tom Brady caught on tape

NFL Turning Point shows how Brady beats the opposing defense before the snap.

The New England Patriots dominated the Miami Dolphins in the season finale with a score of 35-14. QB Tom Brady and company rushed out to a 20-0 lead, before the Dolphins countered with a Jarvis Landry touchdown right before the half.

“He can’t play with us,” Dolphins head coach Adam Gase shouts about the Patriots secondary to Landry on the sideline. “He can’t play with us.”

The Dolphins scored again after halftime, which led to this week’s NFL Turning Point.

Brady connected on a 77-yard touchdown to WR Julian Edelman, thanks to a hellacious block by WR Michael Floyd. The Patriots sideline was fired up after the block, while the most rewarding quote came Dolphins assistant defensive line coach Jim Washburn.

“Look, we ran stunt, we gapped, look at that,” Washburn said while holding up a stillframe of the play. “Look how they slid, picked that s— up. He’s called the right protection every f—ing time.”

Brady and C David Andrews had a field day manipulating the Dolphins defensive line and using the Dolphins aggression to move them out of position. Serious praise should go to the Patriots coaching staff, including offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia because it seems like Brady had the perfect counter to every play call by the Dolphins defense.