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Sights and Sounds Patriots-Buccaneers: Last week was all about the Patriots defense stepping up

The message from this week’s behind the scenes footage? The defense pulled it together.

The New England Patriots released their Sights and Sounds footage from last Thursday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Watch the full video here. The main focus of the video was on the defensive players and the coaching staff coming together for some redemption after a terrible first quarter of the season.

“Watch out for the double moves, they’re just setting it up,” Bill Belichick told Stephon Gilmore and Duron Harmon at one point. Gilmore had his best day with the Patriots as he shadowed Buccaneers receiver Mike Evans for much of the day.

Defensive coordinator Matt Patricia told his unit to focus on stopping the run on early down to get the Buccaneers into third down situations, instead of easily convertible second downs. get them into third down. The Patriots forced punts on 50% of the Tampa drives, the highest rate of the year.

Hopefully the Patriots defense can take their lessons from week 5 and carry it forward for the rest of the season.

Watch Sights and Sounds here.