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NFL week 6: Late games live updates, open thread and Patriots rooting guide

The late slate of games is on. Join the conversation and find out who to root for.

Kansas City Chiefs v Houston Texan Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The New England Patriots have finished their week six game against the New York Jets with a 24-17 victory. As the team therefore heads into its afternoon with a 4-2 record, the afternoon games have been kicked off. Let's take a look at the matchups to find out who the root for as a Patriots fan.

Buccaneers at Cardinals: In week five, the Patriots have defeated Tampa Bay 19-14. Consequently, a win by the visiting team would improve the team's strength of schedule and victory – a potential tiebreaker come playoff seeding time. Go Buccaneers!

Rams at Jaguars: As opposed to the Rams, the Jaguars are on four of the Patriots' opponents' schedules. Ergo, a win by Blake Bortles and company would improve the strength of schedule a victory for the Jets, Steelers, Texans and Chargers – the first three being potential playoff candidates. Therefore: Go Rams!

Steelers at Chiefs: The Chiefs and their 5-0 record are currently the head of the AFC. A victory by Pittsburgh would bring the field a little closer together and help the Patriots to potentially close the gap down the line later during the season. It could also improve the team's strength of victory in case New England defeats the Steelers in week 15. Go Steelers!

Chargers at Raiders: New England will play both teams later this season, so the strength of victory will potentially be impacted. The Patriots, of course, are more likely to beat the 1-4 Chargers. Plus, a win by the team would knock a talented Raiders team that might make some noise come playoff time further down in the rankings. Go Chargers!

Giants at Broncos: At 3-1, Denver has looked good so far this season and looks like a potentially dangerous team for the playoffs. This, of course, seemingly makes the Giants the favorites to be rooted for. However, the strength of schedule and victory tiebreakers would make the Broncos the better rooting interest. So... go tie?