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Tom Brady is a trash-talking, Super Bowl-winning machine that everyone wants to sack according to 155 NFL players

The Patriots quarterback is the best in the eyes of his peers.

New England Patriots v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

ESPN’s Kevin Seifert led a poll of 155 NFL players, conducted by the individual beat writers, “to gauge their opinions on the league's passers.” Topics ranged from biggest trash-talkers to the quarterbacks expected to win the most Super Bowls over the next decade. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was at the center of most of the topics.

When asked, “Which QB will win the most super bowls in the next 10 years?,” 21% of those that responded pointed at Brady, the highest rate in the league. Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was second with 20%, followed by Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (18%) and Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (10%).

The fact that the 40-year-old Brady is considered the most likely to win the most Super Bowls over the next decade is hilarious. How much longer will Brady be able to play? How many more Super Bowls will he win? What do Brady’s peers expect from him and the Patriots?

"He'll probably go another six years," one player said about Brady.

If I had to choose a quarterback, it would be a young quarterback on a rookie deal playing with a great defense. Jared Goff and Deshaun Watson fit that bill, and I’ll lean with Watson because the AFC is lacking depth behind Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, and Alex Smith. If/when Brady and Roethlisberger retire over the next five years, then Watson could reign in the conference. He’s on a rookie contract now and while he shouldn’t be expected to win anything in 2017, if the Texans defense sorts itself out in 2018 then he could win a couple over the next decade.

Brady also received a surprising 4th place finish for “Which QB talks the most trash?,” earning 16% of the vote behind Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (26%), Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (24%), and Rodgers (17%).

That trash talk probably doesn’t help Brady as he was far-and-away the quarterback most players wanted to sack, earning 49% of the vote, ahead of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (14%) and Rodgers (10%).

"Most of the time after a sack, you get a good picture with the quarterback on the ground next to you," one player said about sacking Brady. "That's why I would love that."

On the non-Brady topics, Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler was named by 42% as the quarterback they would not want as a teammate, with Newton and Rivers tied for second with 6%.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning was named the most overrated with 14% of the vote, followed by Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (11%) and Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco (10%).

Read the results of the poll here.