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WATCH: Patriots release sideline footage from Jets game, Bill Belichick breaks down top plays

This is must-watch tape every week!

The New England Patriots released two videos that are worth your time. First, they posted their Sights and Sounds from the game video where the leaders of the Patriots are highlighted after the team fell behind 14-0.

“We can’t score 14 on this drive,” quarterback Tom Brady is heard telling the offense. “One at a time. One play at a time.”

Other leaders include Devin McCourty and Trey Flowers. Offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia also shared his calm demeanor with the unit, expressing his belief that the Patriots were running the ball extremely well and would have success if they continued to operate in the same fashion.

Bill Belichick is heard praising the defense for their consistent pressure on Jets quarterback Josh McCown, but also notes that every player needs to work on wrapping up the quarterback and finishing the play. There have been numerous times this year where the Patriots defenders have the quarterback in the clutches, only to fail to complete the play and for the quarterback to complete a big pass down the field.

Watch the Sights and Sounds from the Game here.

The Patriots also released Belichick’s Breakdown of the top plays from week 6 against the Jets. The plays analyzed include Tom Brady’s big throw to Brandin Cooks right before the half, with Belichick explaining that the Jets blitzed their defensive backs and dropped the entire defensive line into coverage as if they expected a screen to James White.

Belichick also looks at Rob Gronkowski’s big touchdown after the half, the good energy and speed from the special teams unit (Belichick uses exclamation points!!), and the strong run defense by Elandon Roberts and Jordan Richards to defend a counter play with Kyle Van Noy and Dont’a Hightower on the edges.

Watch Belichick’s Breakdown here.