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Patriots-Falcons: Watch Tom Brady find Brandin Cooks for a touchdown and a lead!

The Patriots lead 7-0.

The New England Patriots took a 7-0 lead over the Atlanta Falcons early in the second quarter thanks to some impressive running by Dion Lewis, a little bit of luck for Tom Brady having a roughing the passer call to negate a dumb interception, and an impressive 3rd-and-16 conversion by Chris Hogan.

But the Patriots finally reached inside the Falcons 10-yard line and Tom Brady found Brandin Cooks for an 11-yard “touchdown pass.” And the fact that it’s considered a pass and not a handoff is absolutely hilarious.

Brady could have literally handed the ball to Cooks, but instead Cooks received his first red zone target of the season and he took it to the house.