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Watch Bill Belichick casually recall the weather from a game 42 years ago in this week’s Turning Point

The Patriots head coach is an encyclopedia of knowledge.

This week’s NFL Turning Point focuses on how New England Patriots edge defender Cassius Marsh did a great job blocking the Atlanta Falcons’ field goal attempt and how film review revealed an obvious weakness and opportunity for the block.

You can watch the video to get that takeaway if you want. I guarantee you’ll be distracted by the first minute of the video when Patriots head coach Bill Belichick casually recalls a game from 42 years ago in his first year of coaching when asked about the fog.

“Not the most normal situation, but my first year in the league with Baltimore in '75 when we beat Miami and then that didn’t clinch the playoffs but it put us pretty close in Baltimore,” Belichick remembered. “The final kick game down to, you know, Toni Linhart. It was about a 40-yard field goal and you could see the line of scrimmage, you could see the two teams line up for the field goal but once the ball left his foot you had no idea whether it was good or not good, so we had to wait for the official signal. So, that’s the first year. I haven’t had anything that bad since I’d say this was – it was tough to see from up on top. I wouldn’t say it was that bad on the field. I mean, it wasn’t clear but I don’t think it changed anything.”

How can any other coach hope to go toe-to-toe with Belichick when he’s able to draw from nearly a half-century of experience? Who remembers the weather from 42 years ago, anyways? What was the temperature last Tuesday? What was breakfast yesterday?

C’mon, Bill. Your robotness is showing.