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Week 8 Patriots vs Chargers: Watch CB Jonathan Jones record the game-ending interception

The 24-year old sealed New England's win.

(c) CBS

The New England Patriots will head into their bye week with a 6-2 record thanks to a hard-fought 21-13 victory over the visiting San Diego Chargers. The game, which could have been decided earlier if not for some sloppy offensive play by the Patriots as well as two missed field goals by Stephen Gostkowski literally came down to the last second.

With only one tick left on the clock, Los Angeles tried a pass into the end zone to set up a potentially game-tying two point attempt. However, Philip Rivers' pass ended in the arms of cornerback Jonathan Jones:

It was the 24-year old's first career interception and it ended the Chargers' final rally. The team drove into striking distance after getting the football back with 1:08 and no timeouts available. It took Los Angeles only eight plays to drive from its own 21-yard line to New England's 23 as the Patriots switched into prevent mode.

Ultimately, however, the defense held: New England dropped seven players into coverage on the final pass attempt and Jones was unable to undercut it. The interception gave the team its sixth victory of the season.