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4 key quotes from the Patriots press conferences after beating the Chargers 21-13

The Patriots players and Bill Belichick described their afternoon.

The New England Patriots had Rob Gronkowski, Devin McCourty, Tom Brady, and Bill Belichick available to speak with the media after their 21-13 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers. You can watch the press conferences below. We’ve provided a key quote from each of their pressers.

TE Rob Gronkowski

Q: Were you surprised that you were so wide open on your touchdown catch?

Not really. I mean there’s a little confusion sometimes. Half of the time we run the play in practice I’m wide open and the other half I’m covered like by two guys. So it’s a kind of a little play action, a little mix up. You just never know what you’re going to get and you’ve just got to react on the play and Tom [Brady] just saw me that I was wide open and hit me with the pass. It was nice. It developed [nicely] overall as a play.

FS Devin McCourty

Q: What did you see on the 87-yard run by Melvin Gordon?

I mean obviously Gordon is a good back. We did a bad job angle wise of sending them back into each other. If we just don’t let him get to the sideline and we funnel him back in in the secondary, we’ve got a good shot. Whatever happens up front I never worry about that. If a guy breaks out we can get him down for 15 yards max. Right there we just did bad angles where it wasn’t even missed tackles. We didn’t even give ourselves a chance. That’s always something to watch and try to avoid that happening. It’s just bad if we give it to him all on one play.

QB Tom Brady

Q: Does it feel like the offense is starting to hit a wall?

We’re not scoring as many points as we’re capable of scoring. I know that. I wish there was a simple answer for it, and the simple word would be execution. I mean, it’s just throwing and catching and blocking and running and doing all those things, staying on track in the red area, but we have more opportunity out there. I mean, we know it. We just haven’t done a great job finishing off the last three or four weeks, but hopefully we’re going to get back to it, and I’m sure we’ll watch a lot of tape and try to evaluate a lot of things that we’ve done and try to build on those things. I wish it would be better, but we’re not. But, we’ll just keep going after it. We’ll keep working hard like we always do, and hopefully it’ll be better here in the next couple of weeks.

Head coach Bill Belichick

Opening remarks

“I’m really proud of the team this week. I thought these guys did a good job. We had, obviously, an emotional week last week and a big win. The Chargers are a really good football team, a team we didn’t know really well. These guys came in here and really tried to grind it out and put in a hard week of preparation for a team that’s very hard to prepare for. They have a lot of great players and they cause you a lot of problems with their scheme and the things that they do.”