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Larry Fitzgerald is NOT in Boston

We can all dream...but it isn’t him.

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

I repeat: Larry Fitzgerald is NOT in Boston.

The Fitz-to-Pats rumors have been circulating for as long as I have been alive, it seems. Every offseason, the rumblings start. When the first injuries start to occur, the talk picks up again. And with the trade deadline looming, everyone is once again wondering if the match that would make the world right again will finally happen and Larry will finally get the chance to catch passes from the quarterback he deserves.

Which, of course, leads to this cryptic Tweet circulating around the internet this afternoon:

Here we have a tall, athletic, dreadlocks-sporting man waiting at the Hertz rental car kiosk at Logan Airport in Boston, with just enough luggage to contain a jersey and athletic gear, for his ride to what would apparently be Gillette Stadium. There’s certainly a resemblance to Fitz, so of course the excitement is palpable.

As one of the leading voices in the Fitz-to-Pats movement, I feel it’s my duty to say, definitively, that that is NOT Larry Fitzgerald. He is not at Logan, and he will not be traded to the Patriots.

Think about it: if the Patriots had in fact made a trade for Fitzgerald, would they really be making him rent his own car from freaking Hertz? Don’t you think there would be a very nice Escalade waiting to escort him directly to the stadium? What kind of show of hospitality is that?

“Welcome to the team, Larry! The Hertz rental kiosk is just to the right by the baggage claim. Feel free to get yourself something nice, and be sure to hang onto the receipt!”

Sorry, folks. This one ain’t happening. And that guy, whoever he is, doesn’t play for the Patriots.

UPDATE: Fitzgerald is also at practice in Arizona.