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WATCH: Take a first look inside the Patriots’ new airplane

The team’s own airplane is finally ready for take-off.

In early August, it was reported that the New England Patriots have purchased a pair of airplanes. The first NFL franchise to own its personal planes, New England invested in two Boeing 767s to carry the team to its road games in the future. However, they were not immediately ready for usage as the team had to wait until this week for them to be finished.

They are now and the Patriots have released a video on Twitter presenting one of the planes:

The clip takes you inside the airplane while Jim Nolan, chief operating officer of Gillette Stadium, talks about its features: the biggest seats possible as well as extended leg-room to make traveling as pleasant an experience for the players, coaches and rest of the staff as is possible. Tomorrow, the team will play its next road game – let's see if the comfort the improved means of transportation will be reflected in the on-field result.