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Locker room video: Watch the Patriots celebrate their 21-13 win over the Chargers

Patriots players and coaches talk about special teams success and getting healthy after the game.

The New England Patriots released their locker room celebration video after defeating the Los Angeles Chargers 21-13. You can watch the video here.

“Alright men, first of all, special teams did a great job today,” head coach Bill Belichick said to the team. “Great job. Blocked field goal, kick off return, punt coverage, kickoff coverage, I mean that was a lot of good football out there. We left a plays out on the field, but made enough of them. Told you it would come down to situational football, which it did, came down to the last play. Nice job there, Jon [Jones], way to take care of business.”

The locker room erupted when Belichick told the players they wouldn’t have to come to work until Wednesday during their bye week, and then special teams captain Matthew Slater led the traditional post-victory huddle.

You can watch the video here.