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Julian Edelman joins Dan Patrick, gives injury update, explains chip on shoulder, meeting Tom Brady

Julian Edelman is promoting his new book.

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New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is leading the book circuit as he advertises Relentless, a memoir with NBC Sports Boston’s Tom Curran. You can read about it on Edelman’s website here and it’s on Amazon here.

Edelman joined Dan Patrick to discuss his book and his experience with the Patriots, including the first time he met Tom Brady.

“He knew my name,” Edelman said about meeting Brady. “We have the same agents, so maybe he had something to do with it.”

Watch the full interview below.

“Rehab is going,” Edelman said, before adding. “You finally get into the mode where you get in the progression phase where you start doing exercises and you start doing things and you start seeing you can put your socks on and little things and those are little wins and your’e competing against yourself every day.”

Watch the video now!